Sensory exercise program to support YOUR child to ACHIEVE their potential

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How Let’s Move Works

Sign up and receive your equipment bag and system login details within 7 working days. Login into the system and complete a comprehensive online questionnaire with your child
Our professional practitioners will assess the questionnaire results they will then consult with you and your child. From the evaluation of the process your practitioner will create a program specifically tailored to your child’s needs
Track your child's progress through each step of their program through the Let’s Move dashboard
Every 6 weeks on the Lets Act program the exercises will be adjusted based on of your child’s results.

The Aims of Let’s Move are:

1. To provide a tailored program that will enhance the ability of children to learn and achieve

2. To empower parents to assist their child in naturally developing their capability in the comfort of their own home.

3. To improve the general health and well-being of your child and provide a pathway to ceasing to use addictive performance stimulants whilst promoting a healthy, natural and proven alternative for enhanced performance.

4. To allow your child to gain self-confidence, whilst improving their gross and fine motor skills, communication, behaviour, attention and listening, planning and organising skills.

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What the health and education professionals say about Let’s Move

“Research & clinical evidence has demonstrated that this programme may significantly improve the development of children with motor & sensory difficulties”
Elaine Gemmell
Senior Manager, Scottish Health
“More motivated and more relaxed in class and the outcome is that they are producing better work”
Louise Proctor
Teacher at Amisfield Primary School
“I see the children growing much taller and more confident”
Joan Neilson
Head Teacher, Dumfries
“Improved self-confidence and self-esteem”
Janis Green
Learning Support Teacher at Castle Douglas Primary School
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